Virtual Values is an award winning 3D interactive immersive game, which helps people develop ethical knowledge, skills and values for business. Users play the game online. They experience ethical dilemmas in simulated business environments, interact with clues, characters, conversations and other information, make decisions and discover the likely consequences for themselves and other stakeholders.

Virtual Values aims to make business ethics “fun”, challenging and transferable to business life. It uses a 3D comic book style across multiple levels (office, park, party etc.) and includes quizzes between levels. It focuses on ethical dilemmas specific to vertical sectors, including those in customer sales & service, HR, finance & accounting and procurement. In 2014 version 1 (Marketing Mayhem) won an international award at the Serious Play Conference in Los Angeles, California, and was presented at the Academy of Management annual conference in Philadelphia.

Created by Dr Suzy Jagger of the University of Roehampton and ORT France, Version 1 of Virtual Values (known as Marketing Mayhem) was implemented and researched in 2013/14 and 2014/15 among 1000+ students at two UK universities and one North American university integrated within their business school curricula. The results confirmed that students felt the game helped them to see the importance of ethics in real life situations and make better ethical decisions.

A research paper on its theoretical foundations and results in practice is available in the Journal of Business Ethics – It’s All in the Game: A 3D Learning Model for Business Ethics, in the Journal of Business Ethics, February 2015. Recent results for our 2016 study show that Version 2 has achieved even higher levels of engagement and user belief that the game helps them develop better skills in ethical decision-making.